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August 2014
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Okoboji Fishing Reports...
"Your Latest Fishing Report For The Iowa Great Lakes"
By John Grosvenor JTG Expeditions


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Late 2014 Ice Season

One of the Strangest Ice fishing seasons I've experienced on the Okoboji chain of lakes has come to and end. We had a season of unpredictable sometimes Impossible fish. There were some great days!...but it seamed tough days outnumbered the good. Toward the end of the we stumbled into some good pike fishing. Several clients caught nice pike. Mark Mckeever from Council Bluff's, IA Caught a BEAUTIFUL 29-inch walleye On West Okoboji HIS VERY FIRST TIME ICE FISHING!! We fished on safe ice right up until March 30.
Time now to move on to open water. The Ice is gone! Stay tuned....I'm hoping to have a NEW 2014 Skeeter this summer!



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January / February Bite is Heating Up!!

Fishing this winter started off extremely slow. In fact it was down right disappointing. FINALLY toward the end of January and now the beginning of February the bite has gotten HOT!! A group this past weekend caught between 50 and 60 keepers...with a half dozen of the Crapies at or just over 13-inches. Here's a few photos from January and February....including the crew from Omaha and Kansas City who showed up wearing T-shirts that Said: "I'm John Grosvenor" on the front and "Go Fish Yourselves" on the back. I was flattered...pretty funny!
LETS GO ICE FISHING!!! ITS TIME!!!! Call John Grosvenor (712) 330-5815 or email jtg@fishokoboji.com



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Early Ice December 2013 January 2014

Cold Temperatures have created heavy ice cover and early ice fishing conditions in the Okoboji area. Anglers have been driving on the ice in some areas for nearly three weeks. the thickest Ice i've seen has been nearly 18 inches but with this latest cold snap I have to believe it is thicker now. As always when driving on the ice. NEVER DRIVE WHERE YOU HAVEN'T DRILLED! Remember: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SAFE ICE. Always be cautious when venturing out onto a frozen lake.
With that in mind....we have been catching a few nice fish. In December we happened to ice a couple very nice pike. One pike was a "Silver" pike caught up on Spirit Lake....the other was a very nice fish caught on West Okoboji. We've had a few good bluegill days and have even caught some Walleyes on spirit Lake.

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Big Bass Dominate Okoboji 2013 Fall Fishing

Big largemouth and smallmouth bass continued to bite throughout the fall on West Okoboji. The bite did slow in mid-October but we were still picking up a few monsters along with a few walleyes and big gills. Kevin Will made the trip from Sioux City in Late october to pick up some big smallies and largemouth bass. The bite was slow but a few big ones decided to bite that day. I also picked up my two biggest bass I've ever caught on the Okoboji chain of lakes. In September I landed a 6-pound hawg and a 7-pound monster.


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